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Toronto Fence & Mr. Mole, is an established company, we only concentrate on customer satisfaction. We purchase material direct from the mills to insure top quality and by far the best pricing to our customers. Toronto Fence & Mr. Mole has experienced installation crews that serve the needs of the customer. Toronto Fence & Mr. Mole, is your full service fence and post hole company serving the Toronto and GTA areas. We have been in business for over 15 years. Toronto Fence & Mr. Mole installs wood fences, decks, gates, sheds, & gazebos. Also in partnership with Toronto Fence is Mr. Mole, Mr. Mole's service includes post holes post hole setting, concrete settings and sonotube deck post settings. At Toronto Fence & Mr. Mole we believe that "quality" means personalized service that is timely, courteous, convenient, outstanding prices, efficient and dependable. We provide service with a positive attitude, a smile, a caring manner and a desire to please. HomeStars Review Our Work

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             TORONTO FENCE & MR. MOLE    FAQ


* Why is pressure treated wood less expensive than cedar.

Pressure treated wood is an inexpensive alternative to cedar. It is made from spruce that has been treated with a green coloured chemical called Alkaline Copper Quat. This wood now has the rot resistance of cedar (due to the chemical treatment) but lacks the crack, warp and split resistance. It also lacks the beautiful natural colour and smell.

*  If my wood cracks or splits, is it covered under warranty?

Because natural wood is just that - "natural" - and it is not controlled by ingredients of manufacturing, there is no warranty on wood cracking, splitting, warping or rotting.

*  What is involved in the maintenance of wood?

Like any other outdoor investment, wood should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. To maintain the natural colour of your new wood, and to reduce the cracking, splintering and splitting, it is recommended that a UV resistant stain is applied typically once every 3 years.

 *  Do I need a building permit for a fence?

Although most fences, in most areas, do not require a building permit it is always a good idea to confirm local bylaws with your local municipality.

 * How do I know if the fence posts are being installed correctly?

We start by trying to install the ideal post hole but, since we are often installing fences in less than ideal ground conditions, it is our special combination of tools and experience which enable us to know how to adapt to each application. Regardless of the application, every post hole we install at Toronto Fence is covered under Workmanship warranty for 2 years.



Some of the typical Municipal Bylaws regarding Fences:

* Maximum height of fence allowed.
The "maximum height" includes lattice is 6'4 feet, or other toppers. This legal limit changes for the front yard or street corners.


* Choice of materials.

 Toronto Fence uses top Grade Materials, including Red Spruce Pressure Tereated Wood, Red Western Cedar, and knotty Cedar.

Some Useful Information

If you're planning on putting in a fence, replacing an old one or want a new deck installed, you should always call your utility companies for locates before any work begins. Or we can do it for you.
Here are some useful numbers:

Ontario 1 Call:  1-800-400-2255 (Call Before you Dig)
Rogers Cable:  1-800-738-7893
 Bell: 1-866-878-5998
Water : 416-338-8888
Hydro One: 1-888-664-9376


We Love Building Fences!!!

Call for a free estimate @ 416.738.7254


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